Update from Committee

Dear Members

 On behalf of the committee we hope that you are all keeping safe & well during these strange times. We held a virtual committee meeting last night thanks to the powers of technology and wanted to update you all on a few things: AGM – As you may be aware this was due to be held on 4th June – given the current situation we feel it best that we postpone the AGM until early October. The committee have all agreed to remain in post until then – I hope you will agree that this is the best way forward, as even if we could hold a virtual AGM, nominating and seconding for posts and voting would not be easy. The committee also felt that it would not be the right time to handover should there be changes in personnel for any roles and felt that stability is what is needed currently.We have spoken with other clubs and Swim England regarding postponing an AGM and they have advised that given the extenuating circumstances this is permissible. Link to Swim England advice pages: June Open Meet – The committee have made the decision that cancelling the June open meet would be the right thing to do in the current climate. Swim England have cancelled all National meets until end August currently and even if we are allowed back to train the swimmers would not be race fit and we don’t want to put extra pressure on them after an enforced break from training.

 March Fees – As you are aware the treasurer sent a note out to all members regarding fees, if you pay by direct debit we will make sure that once Aprils direct debit has been taken (for March training fees) then we will not request anymore until we are back training. (If we are back in June then it will be July when a payment is taken). If you pay by standing order then you need to cancel your standing order and restart it once we are back training Once we know when we are back training we will confirm how much the fees for that month will be, this will take into account a 50% credit for March as we were unable to train for the whole month.

 If you have any queries or concerns re any of the above then please contact me

 Hayley (Chair NBSC)