Hi AllMany thanks for your support and understanding over the last few months, we know this has been a difficult time for everyone and like you we can’t wait to be back in the water.A lot of work has been involved in getting to this stage so please read all the enclosed information carefully and sign & return the forms requested. Unless we have these returned you/your child will not be allowed to train. Firstly a few important notes:Please do not arrive at the pool more than 10 mins prior to the start of your session, no late admittance will be permitted so please ensure you are there on time.

  • Please watch the video relevant to the pool you are training at this shows the way in & out.Both have been uploaded to facebook.
  • There are hand sanitisers at the entrance to both buildings please ensure you use them on your way in.
  • Please do not congegrate in the public areas, when you get the centre, make your way through to the poolside.
  • When swimmers get to poolside, outside shoes must be removed – at this point they will be checked in, if health forms have not been returned by email then they need to be handed in at this point to the Covid Liaison person who will also take their temperature- they will be checked in and given their training lane bubble. They must remain in this bubble & lane for every training session.
  • Swimmers must arrive at the Pool Beach Ready,
  • At Pingles bags should be put on the wall, balcony step or window ledge please leave space in between your bag and the next one to maintain social distancing.
  • At Bedworth the 1st row of seating is for bag drop only.
  • At both pools the showers are not in use, also swimmers should towel dry and put their outerwear on before they leave poolside as we will not be using the changing rooms.
  • Swimmers must adhere to all social distancing protocol & any instructions given whilst in the pool and in the building. The Coach/Covid Lead has the authority to remove them from the session if they don’t.
  • The balcony has significantly reduced capacity therefore only parents whose child is 10/under will be allowed on the balcony and this is restricted to 1 parent per family. At Pingles the 1st row of seating is not in use and then it is every other row (the blue seats) please only use the seats with green markings on, at Bedworth only the back row of seating is usable. Parents of children between the ages of 10-12 should drop their children a the door to the pool and then wait in the car park for the duration of the session.
  • If you do spectate you will need to fill in a health survey form and have a temperature check before you will be permitted onto the balcony. You will also need to leave your name and contact details with covid liaison person for the purposes of trfack & trace only.
  • Please ensure that you are in the carpark on time to collect your swimmer/s
  • Anyone who has high temperature will not be permitted to swim (or spectate). As per NHS guidelines a temp over 37.8c or above is classed as high

All session times have been sent to squads by their coaches. Please find click the following docs to read/print/download them:Health Survey – to be completed & returnedReturn to Training Declaration – to be completed & returnedAdvice for return to exercise It goes without saying that if your child is showing symptoms of COVID19 or feeling unwell they MUST NOT attend the session. Similarly if any member of your household is showing any symptoms of COVID19 then your child must not attend. If a swimmer becomes unwell during the session, they will be isolated and attended by one of the team (wearing appropriate PPE), parent will be contacted to come & collect the swimmer immediately. If you have any questions or want any more information please contact me on and I will be happy to answer them.I am away this week so any queries can be directed to Please return health forms to: or or bring to your 1st session back at the pool – no forms no training We look forward to seeing you back.Hayley