Club Info

The Club aims to:

  • ensure the Club is available for everyone in the Community to give them an opportunity to learn to swim;
  • help all members of the Club achieve his or her personal goals; and
  • ensure all members have the opportunity to enjoy swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Mission Statement

Our History

The first mention of the Club is to be found in copies of Committee Meeting Minutes to be found in Nuneaton Library. Dated 22nd June, 1925, it states that it was very cold for outdoor swimming. They enrolled 14 Junior and 12 Senior members. It was decided to hold their first annual gala on 25th July, 1925. There is no more mention of the Club until it was reformed on 14th July, 1950. At that time there were 90 new members, including 55 juniors. The President at that time was Mayor Alderman Chamberlain. However, some interesting details appear about the first swimming pool in Nuneaton. This opened to the public for the first time on 3rd July, 1888. A Gentleman, name unknown, decided that Nuneaton was large enough to have its own pool. On 24th February, 1888, the following advertisement appeared in the Nuneaton Chronicle.

“The Advertiser intends to build privately a public swimming baths. Probable number of subscribers 100. Subscriptions, Yearly Ten Shillings, Daily 6d. Size of pool 75ft. x 25ft. To be tiled with white glazed tiles, and hold approx. 50/55,000 gallons of water. In answer to the many queries, it may be stated here and now, that the River Water will not be used”.

On 3rd July, 1888, the pool was opened to the public. It is described as being “An old Malting-Place situated at the rear of an old fashioned licenced house”. The hot water supplied for the pool was from the Hat factory. The pool was in fact in Upper Abbey Street, and was demolished in 1962. Following this there was of course the old St.Mary’s Road pool. Over the years, and in more comfortable surroundings, Nuneaton & Bedworth Swimming Club has grown to a membership of over 400.